I love it. It is VERY quick, clear, lasts longer and best of all does all the good stuff that the old Android one could do. I don’t use iTunes so that doesn’t bother me. Everything is good in the world, I’m currently playing the new Deadmau5 album on the phone using Spotify and AirPlaying it onto the lounge system (TV, AMP, 5.1 Speakers) and it’s a nice place to be. I said to H earlier that if I hadn’t played with Airplay I wouldn’t have even considered it. It really is that important to me to be able to listen to Spotify/podcasts wirelessly lol. I’ve spent the past 20 odd years walking around with headphones in so I can keep a constant input of media and now I can give my ears a rest and do it at a flick. Big love to Xbian for making it happen also! This is just the beginning – I’ve already ordered my black turtleneck…..

One thought on “AND THE RESULTS ARE IN…”

  1. Any other apple confessions you think own up to? Cough cough tv cough… how is that turtle neck fitting you now?

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