So it’s been a while since the last blog and to be fair an awful lot has happened. I’ll start with the smallest and work up from there! Liv has come off the boob, onto the formula and turned a major corner. It took the best part of two weeks for the milk to go down for poor old H and I’m told it was a very painful experience. Huge swollen breasts are never a bad thing to a man. Liv is putting on weight at a decent rate and is on the third highest percentile for height apparently. Teeth are coming in (and don’t we know it), but still none of the ****ers have come through despite them being very visible.

Moo went to see Justin Beaker/Beaver (delete as appropriate to wind her up) last night and fully screamed the place down apparently dancing until the last note. She had a half term at ‘Cold Disney’ and a great time at the Valentine’s disco. She is so much fun to be around with a cracking sense of humour. She also lost her first front tooth on Tuesday and is very proud of it!

H is dreading going back to work as she has become quite attached to our ankle biter and isn’t looking forward to Nursery. It’s worth it for the child development alone but I wish she was going to work at a company she was better suited with her exemplary skills in design. We also said our sad farewell to Tharon Main – rest in peace Papa. We raised a toast in your honour with the lovely Champagne you brought us last Xmas. Peace after so much pain.

Me, well lots of work has been done and not a great deal of fun apart from the band. We’ve still haven’t got a band name, vocalist or more than 3 songs but we are having a lot of fun writing, rewriting, chatting, throwing a bit out, jamming on blues standards, writing, chatting, going home because we are grown ups now with commitments – you know, that kind of stuff. I’m very happy with my Rickenbacker bass sound having thrown my compressor into the mix and bought some decent speaker cables – what a difference! Boney is toying with having 3 separate amps (yes 3) rather than the Marshall rig and a Vox rig he runs through at the moment. Yes, the surrounding houses must love us. Jonny Meatballs has just bought a new Tama drum kit and crikey it is like a cannon going off, very sweet. We are open to offers if anyone has a suggestion for a band name 😉

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