We are now rocking on a new hosting solution after over ten years amazing hosting by Si, I finally got round to sorting out somewhere for this to live.  In laymans terms: this is now on somebody else’s server. To be honest the real reason why I haven’t updated this site is that I had that name for the the title in my head and it amused me so much I didn’t want to forget it and it took months to get around to the few hours work of migration.

A million thanks to Si for letting me live on his server for so long – it was very kind and just like in real life, I hope it was so small you didn’t feel it.


What a cracking day! What a great weekend! We are all finally back in the same country and the same time zone. After a very successful PPI claim we had a chance at taking the entire unit across the pond and found a great deal back in Oct. We all flew out and after 6 red eyed days myself and thing1 came home to return to our normal gigs.  Wife, thing 2 and 3 stayed in America for 3 more weeks. You would think that 3 weeks alone would buckets of sleep but it was quite the opposite.  Moving an entire head office to a new building meant a lot of late nights and a few reasons to celebrate – my liver still hates me.  The girls flight was supposed to come in 10:40 at Heathrow but due to fog had to do an emergency landing in Manchester.  Then refuel, then wait for clearance to fly.  Eventually after what felt like an eternity to thing2, she eventually was able to give her Dad a hug.  I burst into tears of relief and joy that they were back here safe.  On our way home we found a closed M42 which meant a nice detour around country lanes.  Thing2 has just slept as if it were a normal night but thing3 has been awake all night.  Wifey is feeling the effects of breast feeding in both time zones while thing3 recovers.  While we were in California we did Disney – the happiest place on earth – especially when it rains hard and we took shelter in a Star Wars store.  I could have spent a LOT of money in there.  Ironic gifts, funny things with Chewie on them, actual things I would love and some things I now know exist and will have to own.  We did come out with 2 brilliant BB8 drink cups that I bought without looking at the price because they were so damn cool looking.  I’ll give Disney one thing, they really know how to merchandise a movie.  We also did the proper tourist thing of driving around Hollywood with a tour guide pointing out famous people’s houses or movie sets.  I thought thing1 was going to hyperventilate at a certain J. Beaver’s apartment block.  Also nice to drive past the Rainbow bar – RIP Lemmy.  Talking of Lemmy, we (Boney and I) went to see Henry Rollins again on his latest spoken word tour – must be my 5th by now.  He did his thing and made everything right in the world for me.   A great entertainer and story teller especially as the first hour was just Lemmy and Bowie stories from his times he had crossed paths with the recently departed Gods.  Great night and had a profound effect on the audience as he always does.

Kids – the kind of update you would expect.  Thing3 did her first solid on 20/01/16 after eating mushed apples.  Yay I hear you so say?  Well from here it sounded like yay but anyway worth documenting as since then she has worked her way up to all kinds of mushed foods and fruits and is growing nicely.  She is doing a kind of reverse breakdance where she lies on her back, lifts her body up and pushes with her feet to move around.  Not quite crawling but movement that gets her about.  Not quite rolling over with any style just yet but getting stronger every day.  It’s been amazing to see the change in the 3 weeks they were away.  Facially and vocally, she has really turned a corner.  Dadadadadadada is now common but still waiting for the first sign of Mama which would make Wifey very happy.  Things 1 and 2 are their normal selves – cute and cheeky.  Thing2 has not left my side since she got off the plane – no complaints from me. Hopefully she will get back into school and not find it hard to adjust to life around here.  If only I could say the same for Wifey.  No amount of Chips from Majors will make up for the distance away from her people.  No matter how many times we visit, its never long enough or in anyway the same as us being there.  I’m so grateful for her decision to live over here and to try and decipher English English.

I know I missed the deadline for the getting one out every month but the dog ate my homework.


Now that life has settled down and we can take a few minutes to take a look around, I figure it’s time to get back on this blog thing. I feel the micro blog thing has it’s place (a fun way to share a pithy remark or a reaction) but I want to start putting some bigger chapters down having re-read the older bits. The reason for not keeping this up was due to job hunting and the site was effectively closed for a while to remove it from public access. Not that I have anything to hide here, it just didn’t feel right.  I’ve found a local job that fits my requirements more than perfectly, working with my preferred technology and producing my favourite liquid.  And they DO know how to arrange a pi$$ up.  Couldn’t wish for a better team and role – really my dream job.

So, we’ve had another girl. She is wonderful, smiles almost all the time, loves her Momma and fits in perfectly with the rest of the household – bringing a total of three things – 1, 2 and 3. I regret not blogging silently and publishing it now but hey ho. Safe to say that all went well and was a textbook pregnancy and birth. She was delivered on her due date and has been nothing but joy ever since. The other things are lovely and growing up into such beautiful creatures. Basically we are amazing lucky and fortunate to live our life and long may it continue.

Christmas was quiet and filled with chocolate – my favourite kind.  It’s interesting since we started saving bottles for my next door neighbour for his rocket fuel, I mean home made wine, I appear to have amassed an impressive amount of empty bottles.  Our generous and amazing family provided such an array of wonderful food that I think it will be summer before our clothes fit!  Thank you everyone for making this a very special holiday time.

I will try and update this at least once a month from now on as it really is entertaining (for me if no-one else) to re-read what, when, who and how.  Memories fade and often with me disappear too quickly.

Happy New Year to you all.


I’ve been driving into Shropshire since 2007 each day for work and it’s a sad day today as I venture back into the Black Country from next week. I’m not sad to leave my current employer but sad to leave the country side and the very many tractors!!


Make up makes women pretty.  Lots of girls use it to make them pretty and beautiful these are the makeups that there are:

Blusher, lip stick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss.

By Millie Aged 7


^ this is my eldest daughter’s first ever blog post.  I’m such a proud Dad right now 😉


When a plan comes together.  First of all celebrated with my wife and partner in crime this weekend marking the 5th year since we fell madly in love with New York and I popped the question.  Second, completed the Exchange 2003 migration to Office365 at work that has been causing me come serious sleep issues for months but went without a serious hitch.  Thirdly, finally got some time to convert my home into a Microsoft Windows free environment.  I’ve now got a 64 bit Centos Server in the loft hosting about 3 TB of media and stuff via Samba and all is good.  I turned off the old trusty Windows XP box last year and life has kept getting in the way.  That and the advances of streaming (Netflix, Spotify, Airplay, etc) meant that, to be fair, we haven’t missed the stuff I actually store.  But today, as I type I am listening to old songs that are not on Spotify using the old WDTV that means it is playing through the lounge system and throughout the downstairs.  Old school in todays technology but it’s just nice to have it all back and virus free!  Plus our video/photo footage of the kids is just magical to review on the big screen.  I’m so glad that we have this record in such an easy to view medium.  I was chatting to a mate the other day about just how hard it was to take a film to the chemists to get it developed,  then find that you had put your finger over the one you wanted.  And it would cost you for the pleasure!  Amazing just easy it has become in such a short time.  Basically everything is awesome and I’m a very happy chap….


It’s been quite a ride to be fair these last three months with a new job and all of the changes that has meant to our little family. I have learnt so much that was obviously lacking in my skill set and have sharpened the bits I did have. My girls have also had significant changes with massive leaps forward in development and some great memories. It’s been a real shame that I didn’t keep the blog going during this time in draft format and publish now but it was the safest thing to do while I was job hunting. Well I’m back now and will continue to bore the pants off you with my blog entries…


So today I decided that enough was enough and it’s time for a new job. I’m not going to rant about the detail but suffice to say that I believe that I am going to be useful to another organisation in the very near future. I can’t live with the threat of not being paid hanging over me or those around me who have to suffer my tension and to be fair it’s probably time anyway. I’ve been in a great work place for years but I feel like I’ve stagnated technically. I need new challenges and to feel like the work I put my heart and soul into is actually worth it. So what next? If I move away from Bridgnorth then it will mean changes with lifestyle changes, particularly with the school run. I stayed last time for that reason but I can’t help but find work wherever I can. And that sucks. It’s been so brilliant to be able to drop off and pick up moo over the past 4 years from school. Ah well, bring on the new and let’s see what I can do….

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