I’ve been driving into Shropshire since 2007 each day for work and it’s a sad day today as I venture back into the Black Country from next week. I’m not sad to leave my current employer but sad to leave the country side and the very many tractors!!

Make up makes women pretty.  Lots of girls use it to make them pretty and beautiful these are the makeups that there are:

Blusher, lip stick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss.

By Millie Aged 7


^ this is my eldest daughter’s first ever blog post.  I’m such a proud Dad right now 😉

When a plan comes together.  First of all celebrated with my wife and partner in crime this weekend marking the 5th year since we fell madly in love with New York and I popped the question.  Second, completed the Exchange 2003 migration to Office365 at work that has been causing me come serious sleep issues for months but went without a serious hitch.  Thirdly, finally got some time to convert my home into a Microsoft Windows free environment.  I’ve now got a 64 bit Centos Server in the loft hosting about 3 TB of media and stuff via Samba and all is good.  I turned off the old trusty Windows XP box last year and life has kept getting in the way.  That and the advances of streaming (Netflix, Spotify, Airplay, etc) meant that, to be fair, we haven’t missed the stuff I actually store.  But today, as I type I am listening to old songs that are not on Spotify using the old WDTV that means it is playing through the lounge system and throughout the downstairs.  Old school in todays technology but it’s just nice to have it all back and virus free!  Plus our video/photo footage of the kids is just magical to review on the big screen.  I’m so glad that we have this record in such an easy to view medium.  I was chatting to a mate the other day about just how hard it was to take a film to the chemists to get it developed,  then find that you had put your finger over the one you wanted.  And it would cost you for the pleasure!  Amazing just easy it has become in such a short time.  Basically everything is awesome and I’m a very happy chap….


It’s been quite a ride to be fair these last three months with a new job and all of the changes that has meant to our little family. I have learnt so much that was obviously lacking in my skill set and have sharpened the bits I did have. My girls have also had significant changes with massive leaps forward in development and some great memories. It’s been a real shame that I didn’t keep the blog going during this time in draft format and publish now but it was the safest thing to do while I was job hunting. Well I’m back now and will continue to bore the pants off you with my blog entries…


So today I decided that enough was enough and it’s time for a new job. I’m not going to rant about the detail but suffice to say that I believe that I am going to be useful to another organisation in the very near future. I can’t live with the threat of not being paid hanging over me or those around me who have to suffer my tension and to be fair it’s probably time anyway. I’ve been in a great work place for years but I feel like I’ve stagnated technically. I need new challenges and to feel like the work I put my heart and soul into is actually worth it. So what next? If I move away from Bridgnorth then it will mean changes with lifestyle changes, particularly with the school run. I stayed last time for that reason but I can’t help but find work wherever I can. And that sucks. It’s been so brilliant to be able to drop off and pick up moo over the past 4 years from school. Ah well, bring on the new and let’s see what I can do….


Olivia’s first full day at nursery and H back at work today, phew glad it’s gone ok! I got to take liv in and pick both my girls up on the way home. A first for me too! Liv is feeling better but still congested, the girls at nursery were great with her even though she needed two full outfit changes due to sick and explosive pop. Don’t know where she gets that from!! All in all, today went well … And as if that wasn’t enough, she has just crawled for the first time!!! Amazing, one day at nursery and she’s got it!!! We are a very happy family right now ….

Well it was all going so well, a whole week with all of my girls and a fantastic dance show by Moo but then Liv suddenly developed a cough. On Sunday morning we were concerned with the sound of her breathing and called up the out of hours doctors. A few questions and before we knew what was going on an ambulance was on its way! Crazy and quite scary for all of us. The two paramedics were brilliant and very kind. Luckily it is nothing more than a virus and teething symptoms but we were nervous for a while there. She didn’t sleep last night and neither did we. She did find it quite hilarious to put her finger in my ear and try to push out my brain repeatedly this morning. Today she hasn’t exactly been better but at least the congestion is coming out of her like a green river…

Well, this week so far Livs has gone to nursery twice and loved it!  Her first tooth finally came through and then last night another popped through!  This week we also have Mills almost every night which is just awesome – especially when she made the toast for breakfast!  Another first!  Oh and due to having a pair of drum sticks and a practice pad in the car, Millie can now do a paradiddle!!  I love that people who we pass on the way to or from school must see a man and his daughter either dancing, high fiving, singing or now playing drums.  I’m holding out for a full Jackson 5 style family band…